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The Journey…

August 23, 2017
Looks the the “Triumph Tiger” will make the journey
August 31, 2017

If you’re really going to go on an Adventure shouldn’t you do it with someone who loves the journey as well? So, why not add to my experience some more because it certainly doesn’t feel like work – actually couldn’t imagine doing anything else! This time around, I am super lucky because for over a month the ultimate journey is about to begin, traveling across the USA with my best friend, my wife – and although we can’t do it all – we will squeeze in as much as we can; we are excited for you to join us AND Cash the giant dog [who thinks is still a pup] – the Leonberger, for the journey.

I think the best part of this Adventure is thinking that I know what I might see, but realizing it will end up being better than expected tenfold. There is so much beautiful country and who knows what’s around the next corner. Certainly there will be the unexpected stops, delays and maybe even some bad weather, but isn’t that what makes it even better once you get where you are going?

Join us the next 5+ weeks as we travel from Asheville, North Carolina across several states into South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and more. We will be adding pictures and trying to keep you updated with regular posts and blogs here and in our IG & FB stories, so be sure and follow/like us @NClineAdvdentures for daily updates! We will be hiking, fishing, camping, laughing along with other fun stuff like finding breweries and eating good food.

Once we return – come join is in Western North Carolina so we can take you on an ADVENTURE in our state and show why there is so much to do and what we love in the Blue Ridge Mountains!