Fall Color in Asheville

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October 19, 2017
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See more fall colors on in the Mountains

How time has flown since we’ve been back in Asheville. Our trip out West was amazing and we have more to post about but we can’t have it be November and haven’t even posted any Fall color pics! Well, so it is November and there is still color here in the lower elevations, which is really quite strange. From what I’ve heard, other parts of the country are having the same delayed color and changes. Most everything this year was more yellows and oranges but we did hit some incredible reds too!

One of the most beautiful things about Asheville is the color in the Fall

“How Glorious a Greeting the Sun Gives the Mountains” – John Muir

Perfect fall day in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Amazing Fall colors near Asheville

Fall colors near Asheville

Mountain top BALDS are the best place to see fall color – but don’t be late.

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