Combining Asheville’s best activities – Hiking and Beer

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September 6, 2018
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April 26, 2019

There is so much to do here in Asheville, NC but when you come to town for a weekend there is NO way to squeeze it all in.  That means trying to cross the best things to do off the list first – and Asheville has some of the best hiking and beer in the whole country.  The ultimate way to get a “taste” of both is to go with someone who can take you to both, and avoid the crowds.  There are over 60 breweries and thousands of hikes in and around Asheville so the choices are abundant. We will take you on some of the best trails in Asheville and stop at one of the top breweries in Beer City USA!

Couple Hike and Craft Beer Tour

Couples hike and craft beer tour in Asheville

At NCLINE Adventures we hike for living and drink beer for fun [never while guiding though]. We specialize in creating a unique experience that allows you to customize your hike based on the number of people, skill level and time frame.  When we are done, based on location or request, we will take you to a delicious local brewery. Sometimes it’s a couple who wants more time on the mountains while other times its group of 8 wanting a shorter hike and more time at the brewery.   


Craft Beer Twin Leaf, Asheville

Craft Beer Twin Leaf, Asheville

We specializing in customizing this tour – based on your specific needs or requests.  No one else in the Asheville Area is combining the two best activities into one great adventure.  We also provide snacks, photo opportunities, history and more along the way.  Having a driver might be the best advantage of all when you talk about drinking beer – and getting back safely.  Want to book your brewery and hiking trip just click here!

Remember, most breweries open about noon so take advantage this area and get a great hike in before the beer drinking – its so worth it.  There are some really great specific brewery tours, my customers tell me they remember the hiking as much if not more than the beer tour, and I love my beer as much as anyone! Please contact us anytime for more information.