Where to Eat in Asheville?

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April 4, 2018
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So you most likely already know about Asheville, NC and Beer, and maybe you know about great food scene, but I thought I would fill you in. It’s delicious, there world class food and tons of variety. I honestly think this city has more good restaurants than some of the bigger cities in the south. There are lots of pro foodies who only blog on the food in this area – because there are so many types of food, and with great quality. You can choose from Sunday dive bar breakfast [Desoto Lounge] with top notch chicken and waffles to 5 star Tapas from a Michelin star chef. [Curate]

I don’t pretend to be a foodie [I leave that up to my wife] but I can tell you the Asheville Area has drawn in some world class chefs. I can’t even get over the amount of great eateries there are to choose from. And I am not talking about just dinner. How about Biscuit Head for a true southern selection and maybe Sunny Point which almost always has a line because the food is so great. I don’t even want to get into to the vegan and vegetarian choices- but Plant is a favorite. And just about every restaurant offers alternative plant based entrees.

Want a great burger, check out Stu Helm’s Best Burger (very detailed) survey or maybe Pizza, or top contenders: Pizza Mind in West Asheville or Village Wayside in Biltmore Village. How about the best grill cheese ever from Melt Your Heart Food truck. I don’t even have time to chat about all the food trucks. All I can tell is there are over 50 in this small city. I can’t write about food in this town and not mention BBQ. Buxton Hall always rated one of the best in the South, 12 Bones is more traditional, and Moe’s [not southwestern grill] up in Woodfin, NC is spectacular.

I don’t even have time to get into Mexican, Korean, Thai or Vietnamese, but I can tell you that Wasabi has the best sushi – be sure to get the tuna dumplings as a starter! Or how about the places flying under the radar like Oyster House Brewing in West Asheville or Wild Ginger on Hendersonville Rd? One of our favorites for sitting at the bar or the patio – really there is not bad seat in the adorable, well appointed house of Corner Kitchen. Then there are the solid go-to’s where the food is always great: Bull and Beggar, Chestnut, and Posana.

I am running off out of space, but I didn’t even get to the yummy food at Red Stag or on the porch at Grove Park. Best part is I am still finding new places and only mentioned a handful. So go have a food Adventure in Asheville cause like the hiking, it’s world class and something for everyone!