Experience Asheville Talks Hemp and CBD in Asheville

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August 7, 2018
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September 6, 2018

Exploring new territory, learning all about growing hemp in North Carolina, what is hemp vs marijuana and what is CBD? Have you listen to our podcast, Experience Asheville, yet? We talk to all kinds of people from tourism in Asheville, to mountain biking and yoga hiking, but this week we sat down to talk about farming, industrial hemp farming that is.

Greg and Franny talking hemp

Franny from Franny’s Farm has been featured on WLOS as the first woman hemp farmer in North Carolina and in the last edition of Capitol at Play where the agricultural hemp industry is compared to the tobacco industry of time gone by. What is fascinating is that there are 11 states of the 30 in the Hemp Agriculture Pilot Program that are growing hemp, outside of straight research programs and of those 11, North Carolina is the only industrial hemp pilot program that is funded by the farmers!

I encourage you to take a listen to find out more about this fascinating industry!

Growing industrial hemp

Franny’s Hemp Farm in Asheville