Road trip West Wyoming/Montana [Day #6]
September 7, 2017
Amazing Idaho Days 10-16
September 19, 2017

One of the most EPIC Motorcycle Roads! Watch a video clip from our ride up Beartooth Pass, MT!!!!

So I am in Montana, near Red Lodge fly fishing in Rock Creek in the backyard and we run into a neighbor who tells us about this crazy road into the back NE corner of Yellowstone National Park and its only 40 miles to the top – and he tells me – DO NOT leave here, especially if you have your motorcycle, without making the ride. [The entrance to Yellowstone National Park is about 90 miles but the climb to peak at Beartooth Pass is about 40 miles form Red Lodge MT]

So sure enough we unload the bike that night for a ride the next day.  HOLY SMOKES!  By far the best ride of my life on two wheels – better than the Badlands. [although they were also super cool]  Up Up UP heading southwestish on Route 212.  All I can say is once you get to the top over 10,000 feet and have 360 views looking down on snow and glacier lakes – nothing else matters.

I have been all over Yellowstone in my 6 visits or so and this pass is BY FAR the most majestic I have seen. Here is a second clip – we just couldn’t resist Backwards on Beartooth Pass